Hidden Histories: Empire and Emotion

Both in the world of academia and in popular representations in the public domain, the history of emotions and the British empire has generally received a paltry amount of attention. This stark lack of coverage on empire and emotion, furthermore, is compounded when narrowing the research margins to my own dissertation on the emotional newspaperContinue reading “Hidden Histories: Empire and Emotion”


‘We don’t need Rhodes’, ‘Decolonise Oxford’, ‘Don’t diversify. Decolonise’ are just some of the messages that continue to encapsulate the Rhodes Must Fall campaign (RMF).  Allied with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement, the RMF campaign aims to speak out against epistemic violence and the marginalisation of black history. As Dr Jeater (Lecturer of African History atContinue reading “#MustRhodesFall?”


Support for the Black Lives Matter movement has grown rapidly in recent months due to the reinvigorated anger against systemic racism and police brutality. Although these issues have been rife for generations, cases of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey have highlighted and exposed the problem. Huge protests, rallies and petitions have given people aContinue reading “MISUNDERSTANDING BLACK LIVES MATTER”


THE UNIVERSITY OF LIVERPOOL’S DECISION ON GLADSTONE HALLS On June 10, Dr David Jeffery (British Politics lecturer at Liverpool University) outlined his take regarding the renaming of Gladstone Halls. He deemed it a ‘stupid decision’ to give in to the demands of ‘historically-illiterate students’. I know that Dr Jeffery is an expert in his field, but as a HistoryContinue reading “ARE WE GLAD HE IS GONE?”